Risk Management

A single customer having a major workplace accident in a single year can devastate loss ratios and greatly increase workers’ compensation premium costs.


Harvard PEO’s unique risk management services provide safety oversight and interaction with both employees and management to create a successful, multi-faceted Safety Program. 

Our tailored safety program promotes:

  • Empowering employees to take an active role in their safety program
  • Increasing employee confidence to better promote safety
  • Assignment of oversight resources where they are needed most
  • Improve communication to create safety awareness and strengthen relationships between employees and management
  • Provide real-time safety analytics and business intelligence required to potentially prevent accidents from occurring
  • Act as an extension of management to reach employees with more effective safety knowledge and resources


Engineering Lower Workers Compensation Costs


In addition to managing workers’ compensation, Harvard PEO can assist your business with claims reporting administration, OSHA compliance, work-site hazard assessments, medical case management, drug-free workplace programs, and more.

  • Protect your employees’ safety and maximize productivity
  • Stabilize or reduce workers’ compensation costs
  • Minimize risk with our proactive loss-prevention strategies
  • Deliver on-site loss control and safety consulting services
  • Provide safety training and education programs for managers and employees
  • Provide OSHA compliance assistance
  • Return-to-work programs development and support
  • Offer Occupational Accident Insurance as an alternative to traditional Workers Compensation coverage